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dark_overlords's Journal

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Name Unknown
Known As K
Current Alias Jonathan Ricci
History Unknown
Job Work undercover for the Alliance or similar. It's unknown for certain.
Current Job Bring in the most wanted.
1) River Tam
2) Simon Tam
3) Steel
4) Serena Tam

Name Dean Winchester
Age Mid twenties, he's not sure
History Think show, but when Mary was dying on the ceiling, instead of sending Sam out with Dean, John took Sam outside leaving Dean to run out himself. But he didn't. He was taken.......... and now, now he's back

NameDr. Jonathan Crane
Alias Scarecrow
Info Look here under the film section

Name: Bester
History: Bester was Serenity's original engine mechanic. At some point before the events of Firefly (as shown in a flashback in "Out of Gas"), Malcolm Reynolds caught him having sex with a local girl, soon identified as Kaylee Frye, in the engine room. Mal demands to know what's taking Bester so long to fix the engine, and Kaylee then demonstrates that she has more knowledge of ship engine workings than Bester, whom Mal fires in favor of Kaylee.
AU from here. After Bester was sacked he spent a long time drifting trying to work out what to do with his life. He now works as a companion and enginer.

Name: The Operative
History: Not much is known about him, what is know is shown in the movie serenity. He is a cold heartless killer, who has a thing for Sin.